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Toy poodle

Recognized for their classic and elegant look Toy Poodles have the intelligence to boot. Toy poodles are renowned for their obedience and happiness. This breed proves loyal to its owner and will connect with your family like no other. They thrive with lots of attention and excel around children and other pets.

Toy poodle for sale


Best known for being as equally feisty as they are furry, Pomeranians are an extremely affectionate breed that love to interact with their owners and test the boundaries. This breed is very energetic so if you; re in need of a small companion with lots of personalities a Pom is right for you.

Shih tzu

Loosely translating into “little lion” this pup is going to become the king at home; intelligent, playful and spontaneous, it will cautivate everybody’s attention. Also known to be easily house trained. Excellent known behavior towards children and other animals make this breed on of the most popular.

Shih tzu for sale


One of the worlds most popular breeds the Yorkshire Terrier is a known to be an energetic pup, so be sure you can keep up! Should be exercised on a regular basis and with proper and consistent training they are very manageable to toilet train. Tend to bark during attention-seeking behaviour or disturbances, can
be corrected with proper training..


Yorkie for sale

Miniature Dachshund

Known for their bravery this small but mighty breed can let out quite the bark if necessary! They create a powerful bond with their families and are very clever to boot. Very independent and are incredibly child-friendly. This breed is a perfect addition to any family and their cute and playful disposition is sure to win you over.


One of the world’s smallest dogs with the biggest personality! Are incredibly intelligent dogs with the ability to learn tasks quickly. They are bold explorers and commonly connect deeply with one individual. Great with young children and small pets, even thought, Chihuahua’s often forget what they lack in size.


Maltese dogs are just gorgeous. Their white coat is as shine as their personality; they are full of joy and friendship. The maltese dog is known for being welcoming and playful.  They love to show their owner their capabilities in exchange for a nice treat. They are also hypoallergenic and nonshedding. They are small dogs, perfect for people living in condos.

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